In every aspect Individual Off-Road Training cannot be compared with any type of Group Training. The fact that every single Training is 100% tailor made to the rider (age, gender, experience, targets. etc) makes them the “ultimate practice & learning weapon” for those seeking absolute quality, easy and fast learning and of course maximum results.

Having an Individual Training with me means that there is “zero lost time”. Choose the date that fits your personal free time and when you actually start your iTraining there will be no "dead time" waiting for your turn to practice on an exercise, as you normally do when following a Group Training. Together we design your Off-Road Experience according to your style and personal needs. Even more important for you is that there is not a fixed pack of exercises that we will practice.  In my Individual Off-Road Trainings nothing is “commercial type”. I will help you to reach your personal targets and become a fluent rider adapting the Training methods to you, without pushing you for the opposite. It is a step by step procedure and so i always move forward as fast as the rider can safely cope with the exercises , without setting any kind of limits to the learning curve or Coaching process.

You set the goals and together we will build up your Riding Skills in a Level that you could never ever imagined or dreamed of.  During the last 20 years I have trained Off-Road more than 10.000 Adventure Riders. Be sure that as a professional Off-Road Coach I have the experience to successfully upload my “software” to your “hardware”.

Safety first, respect, consistency and high performance riding results are my Coaching fundmentals and what you can definitely expect from me. Coaching Off-Road is a science and for sure not an experiment based on marketing. Be sure that nothing is impossible if there is a correct plan to follow.

Bio | Nikolas Spanos

  • Date of birth: 25.03.1974
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Living in: Athens, Greece
  • Marital status: Married, father of 1 child
  • Coaching base location: Athens, Greece | All Off-Road Trainings offered in an International extend (other countries)
  • Professional experience as Off-Road Coach: 20 years
  • Coaching Languages: English, Greek
  • Owner of: ALL ROAD TRAINING (Riders Academy) for Group Trainings and Guided Motorcycle Tours (since 2003)
  • Sponsored by: KTM Motion’n’Style, Michelin, Makan TRT (KLIM – TOURATECH), Motodirect (Aplinestars boots), Laskaris Sports (Oakley)
  • Physical Education and Sports Trainer (University degree)
  • Ex Navy Seal
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Instructor (Off-Road & On-Road)
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Tourguide
  • Hobbies: Rally raids, windsurfing, 4WD expeditions, scuba diving, music, books
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